La Cabana Mexican Restaurant

Kenneth Sitjar

6/25/20231 min read

This review was originally published on Yelp.

Rating: 5/5

After a long drive from Arizona and parking our RV for the night, we headed into town to grab some grub for a late lunch/early dinner. We stumbled upon La Cabana Restaurant, a Mexican joint that seemed pretty typical but had some interesting dishes to try. When we walked in, the staff greeted us with big smiles and quickly showed us to our seats. They took our drink orders and gave us some time to check out the menu. They had a simple menu for kids that our little ones were happy with. While we were deciding what to order, the staff brought us free chips with a spicy salsa, a mild one for the kids, and this unexpected but amazing cheese and bean dip. We loved the dip so much that we asked for extra bowls to enjoy before, during, and after our meal.

Besides the kids' meals, we ordered the Enchiladas Rancheras, Chicken Caesar Salad, and Camarones La Cabana. My wife got the enchiladas and she devoured them. They were packed with flavor and she couldn't find a single thing to complain about. Our 10-year-old went for the chicken Caesar salad, which came in a crispy taco bowl with fresh lettuce, grilled chicken, and Caesar dressing on the side. The chicken was the highlight—marinated and grilled to perfection, giving the classic salad a tasty Latin twist. Before my meal arrived, I started off with their albondigas soup, which was warm and comforting. If it were colder out, I would've been content ordering just a whole bowl of it. For my main course, I went for the camarones (shrimp) and was pleasantly surprised! Usually, when something is "bacon-wrapped," it's just for show and doesn't add much to the dish. But this was different. The bacon was cooked crispy and wrapped around the shrimp, without overpowering it. Each bite was a delight, especially with the rice and corn that came with it. The portions were generous, so I took the rest home and it was still just as satisfying.

The whole family left La Cabana Restaurant happy and full. It was a great find, introducing us to unique dishes and exciting new flavors—a real treat after a long and tiring day.