Cameron Trading Post

Kenneth Sitjar

5/31/20232 min read

This review was originally published on Yelp.

Rating: 5/5

So, picture this - after an epic day exploring the mind-blowing South Rim of the Grand Canyon, my wife and I stumbled upon the legendary Cameron Trading Post. We'd been seeing those tempting fry bread signs along Highway 89 for ages, and we finally gave in to the mouthwatering temptation.

Let me tell you, my mind was already spinning with expectations of the most incredible fry bread ever. Little did I know that Cameron Trading Post would not only meet those expectations but blow them right out of the water!

We dove right into the food journey by kicking things off with their massive nacho platter. Seriously, it was a mountain of cheesy goodness. We had to bag some as leftovers because our main dishes arrived faster than lightning!

Now, for the real star of the show - we ordered the Navajo Taco and the Navajo Hot Beef. The Navajo Taco was a dream come true - a taco nestled within their heavenly fry bread. But hold on tight, because the Navajo Hot Beef took us by surprise. Sliced beef, onions, and a mouthwatering gravy, all wrapped up in that magical fry bread. It blew our taste buds to a whole new dimension, surpassing our already sky-high expectations.

Of course, we couldn't leave without checking out their shopping area. We snagged some awesome dream catchers for our kiddos - they were over the moon! Cameron Trading Post has a fantastic selection of Native American crafts and souvenirs that capture the spirit of the region flawlessly.

Now, let's talk about the experience. Loved it! The food was on point, and the atmosphere was just right. Sure, the service was a bit slow, but hey, it was Memorial Day weekend right outside the Grand Canyon - we totally expected it and didn't mind one bit.

Oh, and here's the best part - our kids ordered from the kids menu, and guess what? Zero complaints! That's a win in my book. When the little ones are happy, you know you've hit the jackpot.

So, here's the deal. If you're passing through or anywhere near the area, you absolutely have to hit up Cameron Trading Post. Trust me, it's worth it. The food will rock your world, and the vibe will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Casual, relaxed, and seriously awesome. I'm giving this place a solid 10 out of 10. Don't miss out!